Open houses give your potential home buyer a chance to view your home without pressure.Β Open houses can also increase the perceived value of a home. Lastly competition arises, leading to encourage buyers to offer above the asking price as there is a risk of being outbid.

The importance of making a good first impression through an open house is crucial in the selling process.

Heres how you can prepare for holding a flawless open house.


1. Clean clean & clean
No home buyer wants to linger in a dirty home. Deep clean your home before listing. This means having clean windows, driveway and carpets. Hire a deep cleaning company if needed.

2. Remove personal items
A home buyer should visualize the home as their own the moment they walk in. Removing clutter and family photos is necessary when showcasing a home.

3. Stage your home
Staging is essential to get the best offer possible. Professional home stagers like VGN Staging can create extra visual square footage and make your home appear bigger and brighter. Home staging can add value to your home with extravagant and premium furnishing, and also distract from flaws a home may have. Get an easy online quote today to see how VGN can help you in a smooth home sale.

4. Create a one-sheet
Making a one-sheet or brochure filled with professional photos of your home staged house will leave your prospects under great impression. You don’t want your potential homebuyers leaving empty handed. Instead describe the main features of your home and renovations so that they linger in their minds when they leave.

5. Put up signs
Balloons and signs can be great to lead your buyers to the home. Creating an easy route to your home is key.

6. Spread the word
List your home in as many platforms as possible. Let your local community know on craigslist, Facebook market place and all the major real estate portals.

7. Create an aroma
Try bringing in a smell that can keep buyers lingering longer or make them feel at home. Things such as fresh flowers, coffee and cake can help buyers stick around and snack.

8. Listen to feedback
Engage with your visitors and talk to them about the home. Ask them for their highlights and cons. This will help guide you in the selling process.

9. Bring in light
Open up curtains and blinds to create a bright and happy atmosphere.

10. Give space
Let the visitors feel free to imagine themselves in the home, with out having a realtor or homeowner always following them around. However always be present in home to answer any questions and tell more about property if needed.

The more people visit your home the more chance you have to sell it! We know you will have a successful listing if you follow these steps. Thank you for reading. The VGN team is here to make the selling process easier.