Life is changing incredibly fast during the Corona-virus pandemic. Recently Washington Governor had made a second modification allowing real estate agents to host walk throughts. Although limited to 2 people its still a good sign!

With that in mind, if you are planning on listing a home in Seattle market the VGN Home Staging Seattle team collected our best tips to selling during COVID-19. These tactics will help insure a safe, healthy and successful home sale!

  1. Host property walk through’s with 2 people on site

The governor issued a modification to the Stay-At-Home Order, and eased up the restrictions on real estate agents. Currently property viewings, inspections, appraisals and final walk throughs can be arranged with a limitation to no more than two people on site and one time.

  1. Clean your home before and after showings

make certain to clean your property very well before and after any scheduled showings. This will create the most secure viable environment for everybody concerned.
You can additionally have availability of products like hand sanitizer at listing.

  1. Use e-signing programs to negotiate contracts

Once you do get a proposal, you may manage it digitally. Thanks to our generation, there are numerous distinct e-signing services that you could use to sign contracts without having to physically meet.

  1. Create a video and photograph tour of your home

Video and photograph excursion of your property is the way to go. You can even offer a virtual tour and post it on YouTube. With a video tour published to YouTube or any other video, your private home will be visible to hundreds of those searching via internet.

  1. Repair what you can

Now is a great time to make a few fixes to the house, as you prepare to promote it. Have a damaged window? Get it fixed! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, you want to maintain your home “showroom geared up”.

Finally the VGN Staging Seattle team wishes for you to have faith. We are in the midst of a global pandemic. But this global crisis will not last forever.  Your home will sell. Now is the time to get it ready, take action and believe!