Bucket Style Sinks

Here at VGN staging, we suggest the modern farmhouse style. Every year, sinks continue to reveal surprises for both homeowners and interior design experts like us out there. Granite and stone sinks bring a deep wide and durable trough to provide the most attracted looking sink money can buy! This design is most commonly used in laundry and kids room. These comfortable sinks will always be there as an option to help create a rustic aesthetic and maximize the minimal living space we have.

Concrete Accents

Move out, white marble — it’s an ideal opportunity for concrete to take the spotlight. “It’s an extremely inexpensive, high-impact outline component,” our interior design experts say. Effectively utilized for floors and counter-tops, the flexible, available material is currently being used in all the more intriguing and startling ways, incorporating into interior design accessories, such as pendant lighting, and furniture. “We are seeing new uses of it on a wide range of hard-scraping surfaces,” our interior designers say. On anything you can think of, designers are throwing it in.

Advances in mill-work design

The ease and accessibility of mill work have helped spread its demand and fame in the interior design world. Previously, if you needed to find mill work or wood, you needed to know where to go, and who to ask. As of now, you can DIY it, and put it ideal against the drywall behind your bed to make a custom wall.”

Wallpaper-like backsplash

Hoping to revive your kitchen or bathroom? Avoid subway or hexagon tiles and rather consider contemporary tiles that resemble wood, fabric, resin, concrete or even wallpaper! VGN staging has always believed that wall cover plays an important aspect in home design. And in this year, our believes finally paid off. Colorful yet traditional wall cover is making an impressive comeback in home-design. Although many choose to use paint instead, traditional backsplashes still gain quite a popularity.

Casual contemporary bedrooms

VGN staging experts are going with the “less is more” idea in bedrooms and selecting more modern day and moderate decorations. Rather than intense hues, casual and neutral colors are deemed to rule, alongside soft textures and basic furniture pieces.

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