VGN staging is a group of professionals who will always ensure your home design is always updated and most fashionable. We closely follow the trends of interior design to the most recent possible.
Here are few trends we have gathered,

Increased use of colors in the kitchen

In the past, white ceramic tiles have dominated kitchens. But now, homeowners have decided to move on from plain and simple coloring to the warm tones and blue tones. This gives your kitchen a unique and fresh feel. The decision of which color to use has always been influenced by current interior design trends in social media. Social media outlets encourage homeowners to try “Something cool and stylish.”

Richer colors throughout the house

Living quarters of the home is also undergoing dramatic changes. We have also seen increased demand for a soothing environment to live and work in. Diversified coloring is gradually replacing the old fashion white and grays.

Absence of stainless steel in kitchen sinks

The change is dramatic in bathrooms as well with the return of modern farmhouse styles. Sinks and other sanitary equipment that was previously constructed with stainless steel is now being built with copper, granite and stones. Our interior design experts say, “As people set out to making their home for unique, they get bored with stainless steels sink all the time”.

Colorful Florals

Although tropical calm prints have flooded our social medias this year, many people are still not tired of oversized graphical florals. At VGN Staging, we expect more interpretation of over scaled floral patterns mixed with high contrast colors this year.

The trend of modernizing our homestead has spread to our lighting system as well, with the return of vintage lanterns and sconces, those old-style lights are returning to your home outfitted with retro fixtures plus new technologies. An expert even stated that: “I find that vintage fixtures are often better-made than new fixtures, I prefer their patina, and I prefer the distinctive, one of a kind quality they add to the rooms. Online shopping platforms such as 1stDibs, Etsy and One King Lanes have made it easy to find everything easy from an early 20th-century French crystal Chandelier to a ‘60s Sputnik.

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